Dare all and Prevail


I can’t say I am religious. I guess that is odd seeing that my Great Grandfather and my Grandfather on my Mother’s side were both Methodist ministers. But, I like to think I am spiritual, especially when it comes to running. Running has always been something for me that has been hard to put into words. I love the beauty and simplicity…and live for the days when I feel like I am floating effortlessly sharing a narrow trail only with a surprised deer or two. I love that I can push my body to extremes one day and then run relaxed and enjoy the sound of the waves the next day. I love that I can compete against myself and make it what I want it to be. I love. I love.

I stole the phrase Dare all and prevail from my brother-in-law. It is from an anonymous hymn that has special meaning to his family. I can’t think of better words to live by in life and in sport.

Be firm and be faithful; desert not the right;
The brave become bolder the darker the night.
Then up and be doing, though cowards may fail;
Thy duty pursuing, dare all and prevail.

If scorn be thy portion, if hatred and loss,
If stripes or a prison, remember the cross.
God watches above thee, and He will requite;
Forsake those that love thee, but never the right.

Toro Park and Fort Ord Public Lands near Jack's Peak Road.
Toro Park and Fort Ord Public Lands near Jack’s Peak Road.

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