Blake Russell Runs


A Damn Good Answer

  My friend Jorge Diaz, has been asking me to come visit his kids at Rancho Cielo in Salinas, CA for a while now. I figured with Faviola in town, it was a perfect...

Training together at Toro Park in Salinas, CA, one of my favorite spots.

Foray into coaching

My foray into coaching led to Faviola Sarai Igari Perez visiting from her home in Mexico. We met on Facebook and until I picked her up at the San Jose airport a few weeks...

Quin walking home from school. I just can't tire this kid out.

A positive outlook

The  other day Quin and I were walking home from school when he mentioned that one of his friends was really slow in PE class. Deciding this was a good teaching moment, I said,...


Fitting it all in

Thanks Runner’s World for the interview. It’s been a hard road to get here, but I have enjoyed it. Click Here for the full article.  


Marathon Mom: Getting to NYC

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The calm before the storm

This weekend instead of a long Saturday run, I had a short run planned. Then, Quin and I ran some errands. It was so pretty, we called Coach Sev to have him meet us...


Soleus watch

I admit I am not one for too much technology while running. People always ask if I run with music, and my reply is simple. I started running in the era of walkmans the...