A positive outlook

Quin walking home from school. I just can't tire this kid out.

Quin walking home from school. I just can’t tire this kid out.

The  other day Quin and I were walking home from school when he mentioned that one of his friends was really slow in PE class. Deciding this was a good teaching moment, I said,  “Well, it would probably hurt his feelings if you said that, and besides. I bet he is really good at lots of other things.” Quin was silent for a moment and then said,  “I think he is really good at being slow!”

Well, hmm. I guess he sort of got my point. But, I like that Quin had a positive perspective on something that was not so great. I think I need to remember to do the same- particularly after a bad race. So with the NYC marathon, I think I’ll go with… “At least I stopped before I tore something!”


Blake Russell

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