Rest, Re-evaluate, & Revive


I love that running can take you in so many different directions.

Well, Coach Sev always says, “You can’t have a beginning without and end.” A simple, but true statement usually in regard to taking time off after a season or a final race to regroup physically and mentally. Most of the time, I need more of a mental break than a physical one. I don’t believe in running streaks, so I am always happy to take some time off, plan a vacation or just enjoy doing nothing. Usually by the end of two weeks, the husband and even Quin are telling me to go for a run. Guess I am a much more pleasant person when I am running!

Even thought the NYC marathon was a disaster, I still needed a mental break. Lots of friends told me to rally for another marathon, but I knew couldn’t do it. I was wiped out emotionally, and the body was not cooperating anyway. So, these last few weeks, I just enjoyed running with Faviola Igari Perez and even did a workout with her before she had to head home. It’s been a nice time to regroup, think about what I want out of this sport, and I how I am going to get it. There are lots of choices out there, and at this point, they are all good ones as long as I am enjoying the journey. Don’t be afraid to take some time off to evaluate your own running and decide where you want it to go.



Blake Russell

Runner, Wife and Mom. Enjoying where the running world has taking me and looking forward to the journey.

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