Tuning up at the New Haven 20k Championships

New Haven 20k Championships start. Photo cc via Christy Peterson

So, I haven’t raced too much since the LA Marathon which was in March other than a few road races. Then summer hit, and BOOM! I totally get all the back to school commercials with the parents running through the aisles of Target getting school supplies for their kids while the kids stand there with sad looks on their faces. Summer is EXHAUSTING! I don’t think I sat down.

My big goal since the LA marathon has been the Bank of America Chicago Marathon October 11th. It’s a little close to the February Olympic Marathon Trials, but I’ve been away from the marathon for so long, I felt I needed one more tune-up race. I started training hard again around July, and only planned the 20k USA Championships into my schedule since Quin started school the beginning of August.

I was pleased to finish 5th in a good field, and felt I ran tough considering I had not backed down too much for the race. The race was 5:34 pace for almost 12.5 miles which means whatever I am doing in training is working. I am getting excited for Chicago in a few weeks. Good luck to everyone logging some serious miles for a Fall marathon. Go hard or go home!

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