Music can be a powerful motivator

It’s amazing how a good workout and great tunes can be such a mood elevator even if you are already in a good mood. I mean really, I defy anyone to not feel pumped after Eye of the Tiger comes on! But lately, I have been into music and was excited to try out my new MEE Audio M7P ear buds meant for the serious athlete.

These are top-notch earbuds with a great ergonomic design to go with the quality sound. The ear hooks are a flex-fit design, so you can mold them to your ear and pivot the ear nozzle to the proper angle. Not to mention, they have stood up to the serious sweat test of treadmill running! Yikes, be glad I did a “Before” photo! I love that they also have a good mic, remote, and volume control on them for when I am grabbing the occasional phone call if I am walking around the house with them. Check out all their great products here at MEE Audio. They offer anythings from earbuds with bling to kid’s headphones with volume control.

Here’s one of my favorite rock out tunes by Mark Knopfler. The man can play some guitar!


Blake Russell

Runner, Wife and Mom. Enjoying where the running world has taking me and looking forward to the journey.

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