Your reward…more pushups!

My son, Quin, started karate in January and really fell in love with it. It has been amazing to see his confidence grow along with his physical skills. Much of the class involves jumping, running, bounding, and many things similar to the running drills my Coach likes me to do. After the first few classes he was one hurtin’ puppy, but never complained.

The teacher, Mr. Durney, is pretty intense, but the kids love him. Occasionally, they do competitions in class, and they are told the winner gets a prize. I heard him say to the winner one time, “Congratulation. Your prize is doing 10 pushups and your reward is getting stronger.” The parents all got a good chuckle- the winner, not so much.

This past weekend Quin tested for his first belt up- gold. They had to memorize blocks, and kicks among other things and demonstrate them individually. I think he was ready, but frankly I have no idea because I was too busy chasing Livy out of all the other stores nearby.  The shampoo bottles at Great Clips are AWE-SOME. As I tucked him into bed the night before he was nervous. “What if I bee lands on my head, and I move when I am not supposed to?” I told him, “You will be fine, you practiced, and you are ready. Nerves are good and normal.” Hmmm. Sounds like what I still tell myself before every race. He got his gold belt and said, “I am proud of my own self.” I love athletics.


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