Old stomping grounds

Coach Sev and I ventured over to my old stomping grounds the other day near Salinas for a tempo run. It’s hard to find somewhere flat around here, so this neighborhood was the site of many a workout before the Beijing Olympics. It’s usually pretty windy in one or direction or both- go figure, but it’s a nice break from climbing the hills along the ocean and in Pebble Beach.

I have to say, I feel pretty good. Plenty of people have asked me if I am feeling my age- ouch! But, I am happy to say, other than the back pain from picking heavy Livy up and the tired legs from never sitting down during the day, my age has not seemed to be a factor in training.

Sev was at his usually starting place on his bike, and asked if I was ready. I said, “Just a minute. I need to push my hernia back in.” Sev said, “Oh, that looks much better.” So…we were off. I ran 5:20’s for 5 miles comfortably, probably better than I could do at 22. I’ll take it. When we got back to parking lot Sev was in a surprisingly good mood, until a woman walked by with tons of tattoos. He muttered, “Jesus. With that many tattoos you should just join the circus.” How he got out of the Army with no tattoos is beyond me. I rushed back to get Liv at my Mom’s and Quin at preschool. All feels right with the world.




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