Relax…maybe tomorrow

I have a bad habit of starting my runs and just getting faster and faster. Today was long run day, and I always do it alone because not too many people want to voluntarily run about 18 miles on a hilly course. My husband always hated running with me because I would start too fast. He prefered the Kenyan shuffle and then would ease into a good pace and kill me by the end.  Often he would yank me back by my braid and say, “Do you have a hot date I don’t know about?!” Maybe!

I have been feeling good lately and ran my long run hard today. Kind of stupid since I run for time, but it seems to be a habit I can’t break. It feels good to push myself. Tomorrow, I might run slow and relaxed- maybe.


Blake Russell

Runner, Wife and Mom. Enjoying where the running world has taking me and looking forward to the journey.

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