Things not to say to a runner

Today I started my run at the usual time and place and passed an older gentleman that I always speak to. He yelled as I went by, “Looking great, Darling.” Well, this North Carolina girl actually likes it when people call me “darling.” Maybe it’s a little sexist, but I think it is sweet, and hey…it makes me feel young!

Closer to the end of my run a women yelled, “Hey, there’s a speed limit!” He he I chuckled, but really it was not funny, I guess because I have heard that one too many times before. So it got me thinking. For the rest of run I came up with my top 5 most annoying things to say to a runner…

1# “Run forest run!”  -Hands down the most annoying. It’s been 20 years since it came out. Let it go…already.

#2  “Slow Down!”  - No, I won’t slow down. I feel good, so I feel like running fast. Bite me.

#3 “Faster, faster!” - Ok, really? Dude, you are sitting…in a chair…with a beer…as I am running by. Do you have the right to tell me to go faster? No!!! And please, put your shirt on.

#4 “You are almost there!” Well, crap..I am not there, and you don’t even know where I am going. And if you are yelling this while I am racing, I am in pain, so I don’t need you yelling stupid things at me right now. And if you are yelling this when I just started racing…I really want to hurt you.

#5 “Don’t bonk!” Yes, I have heard this during a race. Thank you for putting some negative thoughts in my head. Cheers.




Blake Russell

Runner, Wife and Mom. Enjoying where the running world has taking me and looking forward to the journey.

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