Peachtree Road Race and USA 10k Champs

And we are off…I like that the Moms are leading the charge. Sara Slatter, and Lauren Fleshman! photo courtesy Victah Sailor at Photo Run.

Just landed last night from a quick trip to Atlanta for the Peachtree Road Race. I was excited to run because it is the largest and possibly most festive July 4th race in the country topping out with 60,000 entrants. This year the race organizers at the Peachtree Road Race decided to go all- American…meaning bring in only American runners because it was serving as the USA 10k National Championships. I applaud the race organizers for doing this, and look at is as a great way to help elite development in our country. It’s a fun, yet low-paying job for most of us, so it is great to get some much needed financial support and recognition.

The race went off early for this California girl. Getting up at what feels like 1:30 am to race is quite painful. Speaking of pain, I had fully prepared myself for a miserable, hot an humid day. I imagined my head feeling like the last scene of Game of Thrones. For those of you that haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it, but oh my!!! Anyway. It turned out to be one of the coolest days on record, which made for a much more enjoyable race.

The race was interesting with the usual crew of veterans plus a bunch of newbies right out of college. It was sweet to see the excitement and the nerves with the fresh faces as we hung out in vans with course tours or warmed up for the race. It was challenging point to point course  with lots of down hill and a good climb by “Hospital Hill.” As the race director said during the course tour, “Your free ride is over after mile 3.” And so it was! The pack of women got smaller and smaller until there were only about 3 left charging with the eventual winner being Olympian Amy Hastings. I can’t say I was totally on during the race. Kind of one of those where you feel a little flat and tired from the start. My time was solid with a 33:45 and 19th place finish, though. Every race is a learning experience, so I have decided this one tells me a need a little more time to rest after a half marathon. Either way it was good training to get in a race effort against some of the best women in the country. I am looking forward to toeing the line again in another few weeks the Beach to Beacon 10k in Maine.



Waiting in a parking lot at 6am with 3 x Olympian Jen Rhines and Duke standout and newbie Juliet Bottorff.

Andrew Carlson and me after the race.



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