Beach to Beacon 10K



Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse via FlickrCC Captain Kimo

I  have been in Massachussttes and Maine for a family vacation and knew I could not miss the Beach to Beacon 10k in Cape Elizabeth. Since it was pretty close to where I was staying in Maine, I planned it into my racing schedule. I had raced this a few years ago and had a blast. Cape Elizabeth is a tiny town, but captures New England at it’s finest- picturesque, serene, and friendly. The perfect place for a liesurely stroll along the beach followed by a lobster dinner.

TD Beach to Beacon is Joan Benoit Samuelson’s she grew up near here and is a Mainer. The popularity quickly caught on, and it is a tough one to get into, but if you are lucky enough to do it, I highly recommend it.

Race day turned out to be pretty good conditions with overcast skies and light drizzle.  The gun went off and even though it was a downhill start, I told myself I was not going out too hard. Well, my first mile was 5:00, and I was nowhere near the lead pack. Ouch. It’s nice to start with the men and have a lot more bodies around, though.  I had my eye on Desiree Davila’s back for much of the race, and it seemed to go by pretty quickly because it is such a fun, rolling course. The last mile is the toughest with some hills and winding through the state park. I was thankful it was only a 10k not being acclimated to the heat. The times were smokin’ fast upfront with American Shalane Flanagan just getting edged for the win by a lean by Britain’s Gemma Steele. The men were equally fast with some of the fastest times run on the road this year. I finishes 10th in 33:10 5:21 pace per mile and was pleased. Next stop New Haven 20k in September.

2014 top 10 results


Desi with Hubby Ryan, Francis Coons, and me post-race relaxing.

Joanie and her Coach and mine!- …Bob Sevene

The family surprised me and drove an hour to watch me race. Liv was not pleased.



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