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This Friday I will be racing in Atlanta in the Peachtree Road Race which is hosting the Men’s and Women’s 10k USA Championships, but I am fully expecting “swampass.”  I first heard this term when I was training with my husband and a group of guys in NC…believe me, I heard much worse while chasing them on long runs. For those of you that don’t know what swampass is…here is a great definition from the Urban Dictionary. I especially like the solution! Though I don’t plan on getting naked, I will be happy to run through a fire hydrant or two. Happy early July the 4th!!!

When your asscrack/grundel area is so sweaty it basically becomes a boggy swamp. very humid and producing unbelievable discomfort, this condition is generally worse among the fat and lardy. However, in sub-tropical climate locales, i.e. southern louisiana or mississippi, swampass can strike anyone, at anytime. the only relief is to either strip naked and head for a fire hydrant or go home and peel your loins off and drape a cold, wet towel over your nether-regions.
Example: “Earl walked outside, went to the mailbox, and even at 7:15 in the a.m., fell victim to a putrid variety of swampass….”
by dunbart August 20, 2008

Below is  my UNC Coach Joan Nesbit Mabe getting it done in insane Atlanta heat at the 1996 Olympic Trials. For all you youngin’s out there, they used to run trials and finals, even in the 10,000 meters! The 90’s were not for the weak…

Joan Nesbit Mabe running on her way to making the 1996 Olympic Team in the 10,000m in Atlanta.



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  1. I can remember having many severe cases of Swampass as a child as I primed tobacco in the field under a hot Caroline sun. At the time I did not know correct name for it. Dad

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