Blake 2.0

Family time and multi-tasking with coffee, Liv’s milk, and Quin’s foot rub.

It is hard to find the right balance between being a competitive athlete and normal person. I admit, I have always been pretty serious about running-enough that I would ask my family to wait for me to do a run before opening Christmas presents in high school. My sister, Blair, was less than pleased, but did it for me.

A few weeks ago Blair and her little girl visited, and I offered to take her back to the airport instead my Mom. She tried to talk me out of it, saying I know you need to get a run in. “No.” I said, “This is the new and improved Blake- version 2.0.  I’ll get it in at some point today even if I have to wait for Jon to get home from work.” I got a funny stare from her, and look that conveyed a “yeah, right..believe it when I see it”. I admit that I was itching to keep my schedule, but I got to spend and extra few hours with Blair and her little girl Cora, and that is more important. And it was worth it, as I explained to my 2 year old niece that her Mommy is my sister. She looked at me and replied, “This is my Mommy, and she loves me.” Kids can melt your heart at any given time.

I think I have found a better balance now, and the funny thing is my running is going great despite the fact that I am not quite as intense as I was before. Maybe I will automatically upgrade every 6 months as life changes around me keeping it all in perspective.



Blake Russell

Runner, Wife and Mom. Enjoying where the running world has taking me and looking forward to the journey.

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