1984 Olympic Gold Medal Winning Strategy

Joanie and Sev at Beach to Beacon in Cape Elizabeth Maine, Aug 2014

Joanie and Sev at the Beach to Beacon 10k in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Aug 2014

Sev coached Joan to her Olympic Gold medal and was there through all the ups and downs leading up to the Trials. He always tells me I am as stubborn as she was, and of course I say, “Thank you!” As far as I am concerned, being compared to a legend in any way is compliment. Watch the video and see Sev talk about their race plan, and how the race unfolded for her epic win in LA.




Blake Russell

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  1. Van says:

    Hey Blake…Van Townsend ,here. Best wings in 5 Burroughs Sunday ! Please tell Sev hello; he was like fathere figure to me as a runner and coach. His on-and-off track advice helped me crank out 6 Footlocker Finalists after we moved to Chattanooga. My teams heard so many Sev stories, they probably think he IS my dad

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