Walking a fine line

Photo via Flickr CC Lamarie

Marathon training is like being on a tightrope. Slow, steady progress towards a goal with very little room for error. Don’t look back, don’t think…just run. Sometimes things go perfectly, and you get to the starting line feeling invincible. Other times you wish you had more time, and there are some reservations deep inside despite all your hard work.

Training 100 plus miles a week for 3 months is no easy task, but then again, racing a full 26.2 miles isn’t either. So in the words of the great Tanzanian Marathoner Juma Ikangaa, “The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” So, I am preparing as best I can despite a crazy life to be in great shape on the starting line. I am actually enjoying this marathon process and loving that my body seems to be thriving off of some tough workouts and good mileage. But I admit, taper time can’t come soon enough! The Big Apple is calling…

Pretty sure I should be able to count all this biking into my weekly mileage.


Blake Russell

Runner, Wife and Mom. Enjoying where the running world has taking me and looking forward to the journey.

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  1. Have a great run! Best to all.

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