About Me

What can I say? I have a passion for running, and I want everyone to know it. I have been lucky enough to make running my profession these

last fifteen years and have enjoyed almost every step of the way. It has been an amazing journey and continues to be exciting and rewarding. It has shaped my life in many ways. I have met some wonderful people, and have been fortunate enough to travel our amazing country and the world to race. I love finding great trails and new running routes, and races. Now that I am a Mom, I am always searching for great family-friendly places while I travel. Follow along as I see where my next journey will take me.

A bit more: I started running in ninth grade on a whim and have been running ever since. I guess you could say I loved it from the start. I competed for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on the Cross Country and Track Teams while double majoring in Psychology and Exercise Science. I decided to continue running after college while pursing a Physical Therapy degree at Elon University. Who knew I would travel the world and get to compete for the United States in Cross Country and Track and Field? My career highlight would have to be finally realizing my Olympic dream and making the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team in the marathon. Robert Sevene has been coaching me since 2001.

I am a Southern, East coast girl that somehow ended up on the left Coast in Pacific Grove, CA. I am soft-spoken, but laugh loud and occasionally snort like my Mother-in-law. I am not a perfectionist, so never ask me to help you paint your house. Breakfast and a great cup of coffee are the way to my heart. I am intense and stubborn about running, but family always come first. I have been married a lo-o-o-ong time, and have two wonderful children. I am thrilled to be competing again and happy to admit that this almost forty -year old can still give these youngins’ a run for their money. I am enjoying where my latest running journeys will take me and relishing it all along the way.

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