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With July 4th just around the corner, I could not help but think about one of my favorite spots to run just outside of Boston. When I lived in there, I was lucky enough to run on some of the most historic trails in the United States. I can’t say I am a huge history buff, but it is hard to not  get chills when you run across the Old North Bridge or along the line of march in the Minute Man National Historic Park. Whenever I return, I try and hit my old stomping grounds in Concord as much as possible. It is quintessential New Enlgand with it’s beautiful packed dirt trails lined in parts by a century old stone wall that meanders through the trees along historic sites and homes. It’s even flat enough that a baby jogger would be doable. I am looking forward to taking my kids to see the battle re-enactments on Patriots Day when there are old enough to appreciate it.

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The Minute Man trail is easily accessed off of I-95/ Route 128 at Exit 30 and has several parking lots along Route 2A West before you get to Concord- all free. I tended to use it for a long run, so I would park at the Old North Bridge and run through downtown Concord on the sidewalk before picking up the dirt trail. The full length of the dirt trail is about 5 miles. It rolls nicely and meanders through open fields, forests, and historic sites. The footing is great, so it is a nice place to do a fartlek or just get in a good run on soft surfaces and plenty wide for friends. Fall in New England is amazing. With cool, crisp temperatures, it is perfect for running with brilliant foliage.

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Concord, MA has an adorable town center with shops, restaurants, but of course my favorite part is the beautiful track in the middle of large field close to Mainstreet. I did many a workout on this this track on my way home from work. It’s hard not to get excited for a workout when your warm-up loop is to the Old North Bridge and back. Concord, MA and the Minute Man National Historic Park is a must for ever runner. Once you are done with your run grab some lunch and shop. The Concord Cheese Shop(Deli), 80 Thoreau, Helen’s Restaurant, or the Colonial Inn are great places to start. Hit Bedford Farm Ice cream for the kids or the Nashoba Brook Bakery. And of course, there is a Dunkin Donuts shop about every block.


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