Marathon vs traveling with a 1.5 year old

Sure we are smiling…because we have not left yet.

Ask me if I want to travel 6 hours with a 1.5 year or run a marathon, and I choose -Marathon, hands down. Quin was an angel. Give any 5 year old an iPad and you are good to go. He hardly looked up except to ask for food or something to drink. Liv, however, was a different story. My sister and I had horses when we were little and my riding instructor used to call me “the Vitamin” because I had so much energy. I guess horses are good at sensing your energy, and I seemed to wake up event he most docile horse. Well, I believe Liv has inherited my high-energy gene, so containing her for 6 hours on an airplane was no easy task.

I planned ahead, packed her favorite toys- even down to her favorite bottles out of our recycling. She actually fell asleep as soon as the plane took off and for about an hour Jon and I thought we had the best baby in the whole world. Unfortunately, she woke up and was rearing to go. She literal jumped on Jon’s lap and back and forth to us, threw things, laughed, cried, read books, ate books, and force-fed us both cheesits to name a few. In fairness, Jon held her in the back of the plane for quite a bit, and when the fight attendant told us there was only 2 hours left- like that was a good thing- I wanted to cry. A 2.5 hour marathon was not seeming so bad right about then. At least I would have some control. I am vowing to not travel again until she is iPad ready.

the little devil


Blake Russell

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