Conquering Doomsday Hill

bloomsdaystartI just returned from a quick trip to Spokane, Washington for the Bloomsday 12k. The race has plenty of prestige for elites and draws 50,000 runners each year. More importantly, I had to see this infamous “Doomsday Hill” for myself. Well, it’s been a few days, and although to race went well, as I sit here my quads are aching!

I am glad the race worked out this year since I was not racing the Payton Jordan Track meet this year. I got there Friday in plenty of time to do an hour long run and explore a little. I had only been to Spokane in February for Cross Country and had never made it to the downtown. Who knew there was a raging river through the middle? My runs were beautiful with waterfalls, cable cars, and sites of the mountains all around. I was wishing Quin was with me because there was even a kid’s train doing laps of the park.

I happily did a course tour with the rest of the elite athletes. Usually I end up talking and not paying attention, but this time I was more curious. I have always heard about the Doomsday Hill and thought it was a good idea to scope it about beforehand. The advice on the bus was to make sure you were still feeling good before you got to it.

Race day came with the usual nerves, but it was fun to be back out there and feel fast again. I managed to hang with the top pack of Kenyans and Etheopians until about  3.5 miles before settling in with the Mattie Suver and Brianna Nelson, two top American women. The race course ran surprisingly well despite the strong winds that morning, and I was pleased to finish 12th overall and 3rd American. It ‘s a step in the right direction. And as a runner friend pointed out, I can soon get Masters money! Arrrggg.



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