Summer is over…back in marathon mode.

Summer is over. Time to get back to work!

This morning I noticed that someone found my blog by searching  “is blake running 2015.” That kind of cracks me up, but at least someone was curious. So yes, I am running in 2015 and training a boat load! I admit, after winning the ASICS LA Marathon USA title, I was wrecked physically and took 2 weeks off. I got back into things slowly and just planned to run two of my favorite road races- the Bloomsday 12k in Spokane, Washington in May and the Oakley Mini 10k in New York City the end of June. They both went really well, and I clocked faster times than I had in the past.

It was good timing before the craziness of summer hit. Man, summer is exhausting with kids. I was certainly one of those parents counting down the days until school started just to get back to a normal routine that I could count on. I had to bypass a couple of fun races I wanted to do because it was difficult to travel, but it’s all worked out. Since about July, I have been in all out marathon mode again getting ready for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon October 11th. I am just doing the 20k USA Championships in New Haven prior to it on Labor Day.

Last year I was 3rd in 20k Championships, and it was one of the most comfortable races I have ever run despite brutally hot temperatures. This year will be a bit different because I can’t afford to back down too much with the focus being on Chicago. It’s a great field, though, so I am looking forward to getting back out there against the best the USA has to offer. Good luck to everyone else in marathon mode. Go hard or go home!!!


Blake Russell

Runner, Wife and Mom. Enjoying where the running world has taking me and looking forward to the journey.

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