100 Days to Marathon Trials

Well, 2015 has had some major highs and major lows. Such is life of a runner, and life in general. After a few weeks off and easy running, I am ready to forge ahead. I received this post-card in the mail from the Sketchers LA Marathon a few days ago, and appropriately found it today as I was cleaning. Nov 5th- 100 days out. My first thought was panic, but as Sev reminded me the other day. I got in scary shape in 6 weeks prior to the 2004 Trials when things had not been going great.

So here goes again! I am pretty sure this will be my last Olympic Trials, so I am diving into training with both feet. It’s going to be a family effort this go around trying to get in the workouts, and rest and still be a great Mom. Sadly, Dad was not in our photo because he left for work at 4:15am.

There are a slew of great women training out there, but that is what I love about the marathon and our selection process. You have to be ON, on that one day. Anything can happen and it’s what keeps us all dreaming and driving forward. Happy training everyone…see you in 100 days!

“Never tell me the odds!” - Hahn Solo


Blake Russell

Runner, Wife and Mom. Enjoying where the running world has taking me and looking forward to the journey.

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    Hi Blake, I really enjoy reading your blogs! George Penn MD

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