Are you like a runner or something?

Getting ready for a track workout. Sometimes I even question what I am doing!

This morning I was a the MPC track trying to wake up these marathon legs for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I finished and as was pushing the steeple barriers back into lane one a student stopped me and said, “Hey. Are you like a runner or something? Are you on a track team?” Ahhh, I love these questions, and frankly when people see me out there doing a workout they usually ask me what I am doing and why. I replied, “Yes, I am guess you could say that. I am a professional runner for ASICS.  I am getting ready for the Chicago Marathon soon.” Wait for it, wait for it…

I love the blank stares, “You can do that? What does that mean?” Excellent question. In my head I am thinking, “It means I am absolutely crazy. I enjoy pain and running so hard that I may or may not puke on occasion. I enjoy driving my family crazy as I work towards lofty goals and log 100+ miles a week.” But, I decided to go with, “Well, I race all over the country, and I guess my claim to fame was making the marathon Olympic Team in 2008 in Beijing.” Then of course comes my next favorite question, “Oh how long was THAT marathon?” Fighting my urge to be a smartass, I politely reply, “Well, all marathons are the same distance, 26.2 miles…and believe me, that 0.2 sometimes makes a big difference.”

So, anyway! I am lacing up my awesome ASICS Gel Hyperspeeds once again to toe the line with some of the best ladies in the world. My personal best of 2:29:10 is from this course in 2005. Though it was 10 years ago, I am excited about chasing a PR soon. There is something to be said for older, wiser and most importantly STRONGER. Good luck everyone getting ready for your fall marathon.  LIVE race day stream here at


Blake Russell

Runner, Wife and Mom. Enjoying where the running world has taking me and looking forward to the journey.

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  1. Dave Counts says:

    “Hey,” I thought as I began reading the last paragraph above, “my PR is also 2:29, and was also set in Chicago!” Sadly, however, it dawned on me that my PR is now of legal drinking age and secure from any threat by present-day me.

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