Blake Russell Runs

Via Flickr CC Alain Limoges

Running sucks…sometimes

What are the odds that a man sits down next to you in the LA airport, turns and looks you dead in the eye and says, “Are you happy with your life?” Well, wanna...


Fitting it all in

Thanks Runner’s World for the interview. It’s been a hard road to get here, but I have enjoyed it. Click Here for the full article.  


The calm before the storm

This weekend instead of a long Saturday run, I had a short run planned. Then, Quin and I ran some errands. It was so pretty, we called Coach Sev to have him meet us...


Soleus watch

I admit I am not one for too much technology while running. People always ask if I run with music, and my reply is simple. I started running in the era of walkmans the...

Walking a fine line

Marathon training is like being on a tightrope. Slow, steady progress towards a goal with very little room for error. Don’t look back, don’t think…just run. Sometimes things go perfectly, and you get to the...

My New Best Friend

  Well. What to do you when your husband takes a new job about 90 minutes aways, and you no longer have the “luxury”” of running at 5:30 am outside?….You buy a new best...

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